ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge

The ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge from Logisphère allows synchronising data between the ACOMBA accounting system and the PrestaShop E-Commerce online shopping system.

Windows Service

The Bridge is a Windows Service installed on the same computer as ACOMBA and offers constant remote surveillance of PrestaShop via the Web.

PrestaShop to ACOMBA Automation

As soon as a new order is created in the online shop, the Bridge detects it and imports it directly in ACOMBA. The ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge offers the following configurable synchronisation automation features for importing data from PrestaShop into ACOMBA:

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments (including multi-payments)
  • Clients
  • Products

ACOMBA to PrestaShop Automation

The ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge also offers synchronisation automation for exporting data from ACOMBA to PrestaShop:

  • Inventory quantities. The displayed quantities in PrestaShop correspond to the quantities in inventory, minus the quantities on order in ACOMBA.
  • Prices. The ACOMBA price list is configurable.

System Tray Application

The ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge also includes a Windows System Tray application allowing:

  • Configuration of service operation parameters
  • Monitor and control service execution
  • Consult operations logs
  • Generate Excel disparity reports showing differences between the ACOMBA product catalogue and the online offering in PrestaShop:
    • SKU Product Code
    • ACOMBA Product Group / PrestaShop Category
    • Quantity
    • Price
    • Name and Description (up to 3 languages)

A free trial version of the ACOMBA PrestaShop Bridge is available.
Contact us to schedule a demo for your specific use case.